Confused Where to Stay? Check First Tips for Submitting Apartment Ownership Loans

Having a dream home with your beloved family is everyone’s dream. Buying an apartment using an Apartment Ownership Loan is the solution. Here are tips for applying for an apartment loan!

Who Can Apply for Apartment Ownership Loans

Who Can Apply for Apartment Ownership Loans

In this millennial era various types of dwellings have mushroomed everywhere from homes, shop houses, flat towers, rented houses and most recently apartments.

Apartment as a residence does not mean that it is always inhabited by people who are rich and prestigious. Today many students live in apartments, especially private / state employees and a family.

You can adjust which apartment you will make occupancy based on your needs and abilities, even though the price of an apartment is not as cheap as a rented house or boarding house. The existence of a banking program, namely Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA) can help everyone to buy an apartment.

Programs like this were previously familiar, but only those proposed in the previous program were houses or housing loans (KPR). Similar to KPR submissions, KPA also has conditions that must be completed so that the KPA submission is approved by the Bank.

The requirements provided by the bank consist of two categories, namely requirements for employees or employees and requirements for professionals or entrepreneurs. Everyone can submit a purchase and live in a dream apartment if they can fulfill the requirements requested from this program.

Tips for Submitting Apartment Ownership Loans

Tips for Submitting Apartment Ownership Loans

The price of land everywhere is very high, no wonder if the filing of Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA) is increasing.

But it turns out that the conditions given by the bank to apply for KPA cannot be considered trivial, with these strict conditions many people fail to approve their KPA submissions by the bank concerned.

In addition to the requirements of the documents set by the bank, your conditions and financial capabilities also determine the success or failure of your KPA application.

You need to plan and manage your finances carefully for the smoothness of the KPA that you will submit, you can read the ebook below for free to help condition your finances.

It is important for you to prepare and understand all the requirements that must be followed so that your KPA submission is not rejected.

For those of you who want to apply for KPA, some of the suggestions below can help you to finalize the preparation of KPA submissions to the bank. Check out the following tips:

# 1 Careful for your Credit History

If you have previously used the credit system with banks, look again at your previous credit history, because your credit history is one of the main considerations of the bank in approving your KPA application.

Your credit history will be recorded in the Debtor Information System (SID) issued by Bank Indonesia. If your credit history has a problem, it’s likely that your KPA submission will be rejected.

# 2 Complete the Required Documents

Many documents must be prepared by KPA applicants. Generally the requested documents such as KTP, marriage book, KK, salary slip, SIUP, checking account, NPWP and much more depend on your work.

In preparing this document which is already very common and everyone should have it, there are still many KPA applicants who feel confused and burdened when completing it. Even though by completing all the requested documents, it is a step further to bring you closer to your dream home and family.

# 3 Financial Report

Financial ability is also the determinant of whether or not your KPA application is approved even if not all banks request it. How are you able to apply for KPA if your financial condition is not stable?

Therefore your financial record that can be seen with your current account will be one of the supporters of the smoothness of your KPA submission process. Usually the bank will ask you to attach a photocopy of your account for the past 3 months.

# 4 Perform Pay Capability Simulation

If your KPA submission is approved it means that the amount of your debt will increase in large amounts. Before taking large amounts of debt such as buying a good apartment, you pay attention to your financial stability.

Do a simulation of your ability to pay debts by paying off all your previous debts regularly and smoothly according to the deadline.

# 5 Down Payment

The bank and the developer will ask for an advance for submitting your KPA if approved in a sufficiently large amount, usually in the range of 15-30 percent. In addition to the down payment usually there will be administrative money that must be paid. So, prepare your money as much as the nominal requested by the bank and the developer .

# 6 Submit a KPA Credit at your bank

Many banks provide Apartment Ownership Credit (KPA) programs. Be wise in choosing which bank you will make the foundation for owning the residence. Although actually applying for a KPA in a bank is okay, but submitting a KPA to the bank that you have been using will make it easier for you to submit a KP.

Because the bank has recognized you in the form of data and your financial status has been recorded in the bank system. If your finances are stable, the easier it is for KPA to trust you to use KPA services at the bank.

# 7 Don’t Submit KPA in Many Different Banks

Submitting KPA means submitting a large debt to the bank. Submitting KPA in many banks will make it difficult for banks to verify your data readiness because the bank must check your credit history in the debtor information system (SID).

You can apply for KPA in a maximum of 2 banks at the same time, if both are rejected, then you can reapply at another bank.

Turn off the Preparation for Submission of KPA and Have Your Ideal Occupancy

Turn off the Preparation for Submission of KPA and Have Your Ideal Occupancy

With the many facilities of banking having an apartment as your residence is not impossible. Applying for KPA requires preparation that is truly mature, especially in terms of finance.

Don’t dare take risks by applying for KPA even though your readiness is not yet mature. Be careful and understand everything that is needed so that your KPA submission process is easily and quickly approved by the bank.

If all the requirements are complete and you can go through the process, your dream apartment will soon be yours. Do you want to start credit but are confused in financial planning going forward? You can use the Ilya of Murom Application help to plan, budget and manage your finances.

Payday Loan Consolidation | Loan up to 100,000 Euros: All the Best Solutions

If you are looking for a loan that allows you to get 100,000 euros, in this article you can find some interesting proposals that you can select according to your needs. In fact, although funding has become a very popular solution when dealing with a major project or sudden expenditure, it is important that they are selected based on their financial situation. Only in this way can future complications be avoided

Loan 100,000 euros: what are the conditions and possible risks?

Loan 100,000 euros: what are the conditions and possible risks?

In terms of feasibility and risks, a 100,000 euro loan can be a complicated solution both for the applicant and for the same bank or financial institution. There are not many solutions that allow access to such high credit, often not even with the sale of the fifth unless the presence of a guarantor that can simplify the authorization to your request.

Except for long-term loans, such as mortgage loans for the purchase or maintenance of a house, there are still ways to apply for a loan of up to 100,000 euros to consolidate your old loan, even if in this case they must be kept considering several factors.

First of all, most of the solutions available for such figures are aimed at a specific good, often the purchase or renovation of a house, or the realization of large projects. Another aspect to consider is interest rates, which most often are offered in both fixed and variable amounts above € 50,000. However their level could exceed that of a common mortgage, at least as regards the support for the purchase of a house. We see, in any case, some loan proposals 100,000 euros.

Posaf Exclusive: the Bankate proposal

Posaf Exclusive: the Bankate proposal

Despite the warnings described above, even among personal Pedrolinos, without the purpose of purchasing a specific asset or supporting a professional activity, there is the possibility of requesting a very high sum, up to € 300,000. This solution is called Postal Posaf Exclusive and is offered by Bankate.

Posaf Exclusive Loan allows you to apply for a loan ranging from a minimum of 75,000 to a maximum of 100,000 euros and is open to all natural persons aged 18 to 80. The duration of the loan varies from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 180 months, with a repayment plan selectable between fixed or variable interest rates. In both cases we are talking about a secured loan, with a fixed rate – taking as an example a loan of 100,000 euros for 10 years – APR 9.99% and TAN 9.45%. In the case of a variable rate, on the other hand, the APR is set at 5.26% and TAN determined by the indexing parameter plus the spread.

Onecredit Restructuring Loan

Unicredit Restructuring Loan

As regards, instead, the Pedrolino aimed at the purchase of a good or a specific project, Onecredit can be the most suitable solution for you with the Restructuring Loan. If you are about to renovate your first or second home and need a loan to support your project, the sum you can get with this solution ranges from a minimum of 5,000 euros for small interventions up to a maximum of 100,000 euros for decidedly more important structural interventions.

The Onecredit Restructuring Loan also guarantees the right to tax deductions provided for by Legislative Decree 63 of 4 June 2013 and extended by the Stability Law, giving access to applicants at a fixed interest rate of 6.5% subsidized fixed. To access these promotional rates, however, it is necessary to present a self-certification in which the applicant undertakes to invest the credit disbursed specifically for the renovation of the building.

The duration of the loan can be chosen from a minimum of 3 years up to a maximum of 10 years, with a repayment plan managed by monthly debit on the current account (or on a Genius Card rechargeable for Pedrolino up to 30000 euros).


Is It Possible For An Employee With A Rp.4 Million Salary To Take S7 Edge Loans?

Is it possible for an employee with a salary of IDR 4 million to take S7 Edge credit? Want to have a new mobile that is sophisticated but having a limited salary is not impossible. Let’s discuss how to get a Samsung S7 Edge phone with a salary of IDR 4 million per month.

Don’t Want to Miss Age


Almost every year the brands of sophisticated cellphones issue the latest edition. If you don’t follow this trend you might feel outdated. Therefore the desire to buy the latest cellphones must be fulfilled immediately. This desire is not limited to the upper middle class but also to the lower middle class.

At present a sophisticated Samsung S7 Edge mobile phone is quite expensive at around Rp. 10 million. If you have a reasonable salary, if you are confused, how can you buy a cellphone at a very expensive price. You are always faced with the choice to buy it in cash or in installments. This time Philip Marlowe will discuss the purchase of cellphones using the credit system.

Choosing the Right Store and Credit Card

Choosing the Right Store and Credit Card

There are many shops that sell S7 Edge phones. Ranging from physical stores to virtual stores such as online shops. The choice of credit can also vary depending on the shop facility you choose. Here are a few things you should consider in choosing the right store and credit card to buy the desired sophisticated cellphone:

# 1 Consider Security

No need to be grandiose, you must know and have searched for cellphones from various sellers. Ranging from authorized stores to certain sellers who cannot be guaranteed the authenticity of the goods. Each store usually has its own advantages and disadvantages. The price of the same cell phone can differ significantly from one store to another.

For example, if you want to buy an S7 Edge phone at Samsung authorized outlets, it might be more expensive than buying it at an unauthorized online store. But no one knows what the difference between the items sold at authorized outlets and not. Everyone has their own priorities in choosing where to buy a cellphone. Usually someone who has limited finance will look for the cheapest price. While people who are capable of middle to upper finance might prioritize security over prices.

It doesn’t matter if you are willing to take the risks of buying a cellphone at an unauthorized store. It’s just that if you want to buy using a credit system, you have to find a store that has a large enough scale. Usually small sellers or individuals do not provide installment facilities with credit cards.

Even if there is a store whose credibility is not guaranteed to offer credit card installments, there is no guarantee that there is a guarantee of security in the transaction. Do not let you become a victim of credit card abuse. For this reason, be careful when choosing the seller of the cellphone. Price is a consideration that must be considered, but in addition to price, security must also be prioritized.

# 2 Choose a Credit Card that Provides a 0% Installment Facility

Every term ‘installments’ must always be followed by interest. But don’t panic first, there are several banks that offer credit cards with 0% installment services for certain loans. Usually certain stores have cooperation with banks to provide 0% installment facilities for their customers. You can use this facility to reduce the cost of purchasing with a credit system.

It’s just that 0% installments do not mean there are no fees that you have to pay. Usually when you do an initial transaction you will be charged a credit card charge of 2% or 3% depending on the credit card related policy. Don’t be angry if you have to pay the fee. Banks certainly want to get a profit, if there is no fee paid, of course the bank will have to lose having to bear your purchase without getting cash benefits.

You can choose various time periods to pay off the installments. If you get a credit card promo with 0% installments, you can use the longest installment period. Usually for items such as gadgets, the longest installment is 1 year or 12 months. It doesn’t matter if you take the longest period of time because the initial transaction costs paid will remain the same. While the installments paid every month are not subject to interest so that whatever time period you choose will not make the installments more expensive. With a longer installment period, you can more freely pay installments every month because the value will definitely be lower.

# 3 Orderly Paying Credit Card Bills

When you decide to buy an item with a credit system, you must commit to paying the bills in an orderly manner every month. Don’t pay too late if you don’t want to be fined. That way the costs you have to pay will not increase as much as you should.

Price Is Not Everything

Price Is Not Everything

Limited salary does not prevent you from buying an expensive item. You can use the credit facility to buy the desired Samsung S7 Edge phone. But make sure you choose the right seller and credit card. In addition, you must commit to paying installments that have been determined each month to buy a cellphone or any item. Do not let purchases using credit cards make you in debt and damage your financial condition.

When you use installments, what ways do you make so that the payments you pay are orderly and orderly? Give your suggestions and opinions in the column below, so that other readers get more information, thank you.

Alert! Don’t Do 6 Mistakes When Motorcycle Loans!

Do you have a plan for motorcycle credit? What are the motorcycle credit mistakes that might occur?

Before you decide to take a motorcycle loan, make sure you do not make motorcycle credit mistakes that are commonly done by many people.

Common Mistakes of Motorcycle Loans

Common Mistakes of Motorcycle Loans

Having a vehicle, especially a motorbike for some people can be said as a necessity. The presence of a motorbike can help increase your mobility. Those of you who live in big cities will definitely understand how the usual traffic jams on the streets. Especially on weekdays at the time of leaving and returning to work.

To fight this traffic jam, having a private vehicle is considered to be a solution, especially a motorbike. The size of a motorbike that is small and easy to slip on the road is considered more capable of fighting traffic jams so that the time spent on the trip is not so much.

When you decide to buy a motorbike, there are two payment methods that you can choose. Cash or credit. Usually, people prefer the credit system as a method of payment because the costs incurred each month will be lighter. However, there are some common mistakes commonly made by people when paying motorbike loans, namely:

# 1 Not Calculating Own Finance

Before deciding to take a motorcycle loan, it is important for you to know how your financial condition is to avoid undesirable things. In general, three basic things are needed to be able to calculate their own finances, namely logic, art, and financial planning. Making a financial plan requires logic to be realized.

In addition, art is also needed in making financial plans, meaning that a financial plan implemented by someone will certainly be different from other people. Finally, the financial plan must also be supported by knowledge and experience in the financial field.

If you feel your knowledge and experience in finance is mediocre or even very lacking, you can use the Corydon Application to help you. Through the Dana Beli Item feature in the Corydon Application, applying for a motorcycle loan will be easier for you.

In this feature, you can calculate the amount of costs that must be prepared each month along with estimated inflation.

# 2 Not Using Insurance

Another common mistake when someone makes a financing proposal is not using insurance. Many people assume that motorcycle insurance products are an additional unnecessary cost and will only add to expenses.

Indeed, when you add insurance products to be part of a motorbike, you will be charged a higher installment fee than if you don’t use it. However, insuring the motorbike you buy will actually give you an advantage. The existence of an insurance product on your motorbike will make it easier when you experience an unwanted event. For example, such as loss or accident.

By adding insurance products to your motorbike, the costs you have to spend when your motorcycle has an accident or loss can be cheaper. Of course this will give you more benefits than if you don’t use insurance.

# 3 Choosing a Fake Leasing Company

The higher the public’s interest in buying a motorbike on credit makes more and more irresponsible people tempted to use it. Finally, there are a lot of fake and abusive leasing companies that aim to seek personal gain.

To avoid the risk of fraudulent fake leasing companies like this, it’s a good idea to find out more about the credibility of the leasing company you want to use. Ensure that the leasing company is registered with the Indonesian Payment Companies Association.

# 4 Don’t Find Out When BPKB Can Be Taken

Usually the Motor Vehicle Ownership Book or usually abbreviated as BPKB will be immediately given after you complete the administrative process required.

But sometimes there are several leasing companies that make it difficult for you to give BPKB. Therefore you should look for clear information about when you will receive the BPKB.

# 5 Choose the Longest Credit Term

The long credit period makes the credit installment costs feel lighter. Even though it doesn’t feel heavy, taking credit for the longest period of time will actually hurt you. Credit with a low down payment and mild installments will indeed make you not pay too much. But on the other hand, this also means you pay more to own a motorbike.

The lower the installments, the more your debt and also the interest payments. Therefore, choosing credit in a period not too long will be wiser for your financial health.

# 6 Does Not Pay Attention to Payment Date

Another thing that is not less important than buying a motorcycle loan is the maturity date. Every time you apply for a loan, you will be asked when the due date is convenient for you. Making a payment past the payment date or the due date will hurt you because there will be late fees or fines that you have to pay.

The cost of this fine will make your debt bigger. Therefore, it is important for you to know when your payment due date will avoid this late fee. In addition, find out also how much late fees you have to pay if one time you experience late pay for one thing or another beyond your predictions.

Thoroughly Conduct Motorcycle Loans

Thoroughly Conduct Motorcycle Loans

Those are some common mistakes that are often made by people who buy motorbikes on credit. Because it is important for you to know 6 errors when motorcycle credit so you are not stuck in the same error.

Without knowing the common mistakes of motorbike credit, you might do that so you actually experience a substantial loss. If you are worried or confused about how to avoid major losses when buying a motorbike on credit, you can download the Corydon Application on the Google Play Store.

Through this application, you can find out how much you have to pay each month if you apply for a motorcycle loan for a certain period of time. In addition, you can also see whether your financial condition is ideal or not through the financial health check feature.

The Corydon application also provides many articles that you can read to increase your knowledge of finance and other tips to keep your financial condition healthy. Do you have experience when applying for financing or motorcycle credit? Share your experience and opinions in the comments column below.

Also share this article with family, friends, and relatives who might have to know 6 mistakes when motorcycle credit is done by many people.

Take advantage of In-House Loans, so Paying DPs for Houses is Light

Solutions for Housing Loans (KPR)

Solutions for Housing Loans (KPR)

A house or residence is the primary need of every human being. The classic problem faced by Indonesian society is expensive housing prices. One of the bank’s solutions is mortgage products.

KPR allows, houses that cost hundreds of millions (even billions), can be repaid in several years. Usually mortgage products in banks offer housing installments of 10-15 years. Some banks even offer installments of up to 20 years.

The mortgage scheme (KPR) turned out to have obstacles in the down payment. Government through Circular Letter No. 15/40 / DKMP dated September 24, 2013, requiring prospective home buyers to have a minimum down payment of 30% of the house price. Say the price of a house is Rp. 1,000,000,000, so the minimum down payment that must be prepared is Rp. 300,000,000. The 30% down payment policy turned out to be burdensome for some prospective buyers.  

Some prospective buyers are trying to find a solution using other loans: parent loans, peer loans or Unsecured Loans (KTA) . Unconsciously, these additional loans become a burden for prospective buyers. It could be that the debt repayment ratio reaches more than 30% of income. What solutions can prospective buyers take, in order to prepare a down payment and buy a house?

What is In-House Credit?

What is In-House Credit?

One alternative solution that can be used by prospective buyers is to use in-house credit. In-house credit is the offer of housing developers or developers, who provide easy down payment.

Usually the in-house credit offer provided by the developer is an advance payment. Yes, you don’t hear wrong: the down payment for the house can now be paid in installments. Usually new houses or apartments. If you don’t believe it, just try to go to a new residential area. You will see banners that offer installments 10 times, 15 times and even more than 20 installments.

The in-house credit financing scheme is also simple, prospective buyers only need discussions with developers. Because the in-house credit process is not through the bank, the procedure is usually not too complicated and the processing time is shorter. If you are interested in In-House credit, you can simply provide interest tags or the cool term booking fee .

Examples of in-house credit schemes:

The price of a house is IDR 1,000,000,000 and a down payment of IDR 300,000,000

Payment 1: sign up to IDR 5,000,000 and ½ down payment of IDR 150,000,000

Payment of 2 – 20 = 150,000,000 / 20 = 7,500,000 per month.

The example above is one of the in-house credit schemes. Every developer or developer can have different in-house credit offers. So before you decide to use in-house credit, make sure you are familiar with the offer and scheme. One of the advantages of the in-house credit scheme is that prospective buyers are not charged interest, survey fees, appraisal fees and other fees.

How Do You Work In-House Loans?

How Do You Work In-House Loans?

In-house home loan offers can be considered as part of marketing. Developers or developers usually offer in-house home loans as a sweetener in brochures, banners or banners . Of course people get the benefit of in-house home loans, because of the ease in paying down payments.

Unfortunately this offer does not apply to all houses. Generally developers only provide limited in-house home loans. For example, out of 150 housing units that are marketed, maybe only 10-20 units can be paid in installments.

As mentioned above, each developer has a different program. There are developers who offer down payment installments 10 times, 15 times, 20 times and even 36 times. The handover of the house will be carried out if the installment payment has reached 80% of the total down payment or according to the agreement. You can read the terms and conditions that apply to the Pre-Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB) document.

We recommend that you read and fully understand the rules of the game written in the Pre-Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB) document. Many of the cases, the individuals who cheat the developer no prospective buyers. In order for you to avoid fraud, you should read and understand the Pre-Sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB) document.

In the PPJB document, there will be a statement of installments on the down payment, the amount of the booking fee , the amount to be paid each period, how long the payment period is, the time of handover, sanctions and penalties if there is a delay or violation. If the down payment has been paid off, the Pre-sale and Purchase Agreement (PPJB) document will be changed to become a Sale and Purchase Act (AJB). Documents for Sale and Purchase Deed (AJB) are legal evidence to transfer land and building rights. Of course the AJB document is authorized by a notary in front of the developer representatives and prospective home buyers.

Buying a Home, Now Becoming Easier

Buying a Home, Now Becoming Easier

With in-house loans, now buying a home is much easier. You can start planning a home purchase, by utilizing an in-house loan, investment or mortgage scheme (mortgage). Good luck.

Have you ever used in-house credit for home installments?